Hayata Banding Helps Island Home Withstand Katrina

Katrina Damage Alabama X - Hayata

In the early morning of August 29th, 2005, hurricane Katrina roared onto the shores of tiny Dauphin Island, Alabama. A Category 3 storm, Katrina unleashed damaging triple digit wind gusts along with an unrelenting tidal surge. While the ferocious winds lashed out, wreaking havoc on Dauphin Island, it was the tidal surge which ultimately proved most devastating. On the western tip of the island, small communities, evacuated long before the storm arrived, vanished – completely washed away by the wall of surging water. Of the handful of structures that survived the storm’s wrath, one happened to be owned by Ed Dowey. Ed, a Division Director with Summit Electric Supply, had reinforced his home during its construction with Hayata’s stainless steel banding. The home’s sturdy joints, wrapped in Hayata’s banding, proved a formidable opponent against Katrina’s fury. Resisting the storm’s devastating one-two punch, Ed’s home stood strong, remaining intact as the wind and water subsided. While many factors played into the success of Ed’s home, he’ll be the first to tell you that Hayata’s stainless steel banding played a significant role in this tale of survival.

In this photograph taken by National Geographic, Ed’s home is centered amongst three others near the bottom of the image.