Hayata Offers Hammerhead CT-7 To Marketplace

Hammerhead - Hayata

Dallas, Texas – Hayata, the industry leader in stainless steel banding and cable ties, has introduced the Hammerhead CT-7. This easy-to-use manually operated tool is designed to make stainless steel cable tie installation more efficient while lowering total cost of ownership.

The Hayata Hammerhead CT-7 has a distinctive look, which is highlighted by its flat heavy-duty “hammerhead” nose that can be used to hammer down a cable tie head or tail if required. The CT-7 features a lightweight design that reduces overall installer fatigue, easy loading and unloading, heavy-duty zinc-plated construction for maximum corrosion resistance and easy one-hand operation.

According to Hayata president Tom Crouch, the CT-7 was inspired by observing several installers at a job site. “We noticed the installers using their ratchet tools to awkwardly hammer down ties after installation, which led to their tool having a shorter service life.” He added, “The CT-7 gives them a flat hammering surface which reduces awkward motion and premature wear on the tool.”

Hammerhead - Hayata