Hayata introduced the first battery-powered banding tool on the market.

Today, the NEW BTX-8000 carries on this innovative tradition by making the installation of coated or uncoated 1/4″ to 3/4” bands easier than ever!

Compared to our previous model, the BTX-8000 is lighter weight, has a longer-lasting battery and a features new hex-grip handle design for easier handling during installations. Powered by a quick-charging 18-volt lithium battery (comes with two), this installation productivity tool has a built-in trigger-activated LED work light and easy-to-use manual cut-off lever.


While you may know Hayata for its famous stainless steel cable ties, did you know Hayata also sells Nylon ties with a stainless steel metal-lock tooth? Available in natural or black UV colors, this nylon tie features a smooth round head design for easy handling. It’s no surprise that this versatle tie also exceeds industry standards in tensile stength. What else would you expect from The Strongest Around company? For more information, visit the product web page. CLICK HERE.


The NEW Hayata SmartTag 4500 is the KING of metal tag embossers. This Wi-Fi-enabled automated unit is designed to output a variety of Hayata tag sizes and materials. This rugged unit can emboss alphanumeric characters and 2D data barcode tags. Now 10% faster than previous models (up to 450 tags per hour!), the SmartTag 4500 features a touchscreen interface and new management features. It’s ideal for medium- to high-volume tagging operations.

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Hayata is pleased to announce that Ramon Egel  has joined its team as the new North American Sales Director. Mr. Egel comes to Hayata with an extensive background in the fastener and electrical distribution markets.  

“Ramon is an accomplished, results-oriented leader that specializes in sales strategy and product management. We look forward to expanding the Hayata brand under his leadership,” said Hayata President Tom Crouch.

For the past 19 years, Mr. Egel has served in leadership positions at Stanley Black & Decker companies, most recently as Vice President of Global Accounts and New Business Development with the Global Electronics Group. He also has held Global Account Management positions with Infastech, LLC and Acument Global Technologies and served as Regional Business Development Manager – Electronics with Textron Fastening Systems. Prior to joining the Stanley Black & Decker family of companies, he was General Manager of Advanced Components Industries, Inc. and held a variety of positions, including Regional Sales Manager of the Fastener Division, with Avery Dennison.

“I am excited about the growth opportunities presented by Hayata,” said Mr. Egel. “I look forward to meeting our existing customers and introducing new ones to our strong product lines.”


May 7, 2020 – Hayata is now offering point-of-purchase (POP) displays for our popular Camo Cable Ties. Each canister is filled with 600 rugged nylon ties in these colors and sizes:

• 4″ 18 Lb Army Green x 100
• 4″ 18 Lb Black x 100
• 4″ 18 Lb Gray x 100
• 8″ 40 Lb Army Green x 100
• 8″ 40 Lb Gray x 100
• 11″ 50 Lb Black x 50
• 11″ 50 Lb Army Green x 50

These ties are ideal for duck blind management, cable management, DIY projects and, in general, securing things that need securing. Perfect for home, office or out in the field.

Hayata’s POP package includes 40 canisters (20 per level) and a sturdy, telescoping cardboard display.

For more information, contact Hayata at 877-785-8437 or click here to email.

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Dallas, TX – May 1, 2020 Hayata is The Strongest Around. Here’s more proof! Hayata has received a new UL testing report for some of our most important sizes in Roller Ball Ties. The testing has been going on for the last six months and the results are as follows:

TBC100~TBC1400: Old Tensile Rating – 150 Lbs / NEW UL Rating – 200 Lbs

TBC100C~TBC1400C: Old Tensile Rating – 150 Lbs / NEW UL Rating – 200 Lbs

TBC200H~TBC1400H: Old Tensile Rating – 300 Lbs / NEW UL Rating – 350 Lbs

TBC200XHD~TBC100XHD: Old Rating – 425 Lbs / NEW UL Rating – 450 Lbs

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Dallas, TX – November 12, 2017 The Hayata SmartTag 500 does one thing, but it does it extremely well. If your tagging operation is looking for a low-cost way to output a lot of Easy Entry metal tags, this is the machine for you. It works equally well in a centralized, office-based operation or on a job site and can output up to 300 tags per hour.

SmartTag 500 embosses characters on two sizes of Easy Entry tags, which helps you keep your tag inventory costs low. The embossing provides maximum visibility in applications where tags are exposed to harsh environments and, for worker safety, needs to be permanently legible.

This portable, compact unit is equipped with an easy to load Input Hopper which holds up to 200 tags and is bundled with easy-to-use Windows-based powertag software.


Dallas, TX – July 11, 2017 – Hayata, Ltd. is now offering the fully portable SmartTag 1000 metal embossing machine. This completely self-contained unit, which can produce up to 105 tags per hour, is a perfect solution for low to medium volume tagging operations. SmartTag 1000 is easy to transport and contains a built-in Linux-based CPU for stand-alone work without a PC.

Designed for component and production line identification, and traceability applications the SmartTag 1000 can output 2D or standard embossed metal tags.  Embossed stainless steel tags can be read long-term no matter how harsh the operating conditions, even if they are accidentally painted. This is why the military uses embossed dog tags.

The SmartTag 1000 is equipped with an automatic feeder that utilizes an interchangeable input hopper containing up to 120 standard tags. It also offers these features:

• Alphanumeric Characters
• 2D barcodes on metal tags – high data volume on limited space.
• Easy to transport
• Ideal for permanent marking of steel and aluminum tags
• Designed to operate in harsh industrial environments
• Spill-proof membrane keyboard
• Built-in Linux-based CPU for stand-alone work without a PC
• User-friendly interface and large high-resolution LCD DISPLAY

SmartTag 2500 is controlled by user-friendly powertag software. This powerful
e-tool will auto-remake rejected plates, allows unlimited template storage, performs 2D barcode data conversion and supports multiple 2D barcode standards.


Dallas, TX – May 1, 2012 – Hayata, Ltd. is now offering a new level of automation for high-volume tagging operations with the introduction of the SmartTag 2500 metal embossing machine. This unit, which can produce 400+ single-line tags or 180+ three-line tags per hour, is a reliable and cost-effective alternative to stamping and dies.

The SmartTag can output 2D or standard embossed tags.  Embossed stainless steel tags can be read long-term no matter how harsh the operating conditions, even if they are accidentally painted. This is why the military uses embossed dog tags.

The SmartTag 2500 is easy to use (manual or spreadsheet data entry) and comes equipped with a unique clamp for plates of most dimensions and materials. In addition, it has a wide selection of fonts and meets most requirements in metal plate marking. The Hayata SmartTag 2500 features a 250-plate capacity internal hopper that can utilize Hayata’s T-Series “Easy Entry” stainless steel ID plates and a variety of other tags. The SmartTag 2500 can handle square and rectangular tags within these dimensions:

Minimum: 0.62″ H x 2.00″ W    •    Maximum: 3.54″ H x 4.53″ W

Tag materials include stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper and brass. The input hopper and output hoppers hold up to 250 plates. FIFO (first in, first out) technology or side eject options.

SmartTag 2500 is controlled by user-friendly powertag software. This powerful
e-tool will auto-remake rejected plates, allows unlimited template storage, performs 2D barcode data conversion and supports multiple 2D barcode standards.


Dallas, TX – April 30, 2016 – Hayata, Ltd., manufacturer of high quality stainless steel cable ties and banding, has begun selling a new Battery Operated Installation Tool The BTX7000.   The BTX7000 automatically tightens stainless steel banding to the correct tension with the pull of a trigger allowing for uniform tension across the application when bundling products such as cable and wire. 

The BTX7000 is a reliable and cost-effective alternative to using manual tools. The BTX7000 is equipped with a cutter, two speed settings, and variable torque adjustment. Designed to meet most requirements for installation of stainless steel banding, the BTX7000 has been proven useful in speeding up installation, improving tension accuracy, and eliminating carpel tunnel problems associated with manual tools.  The new design is 26% lighter in weight, has a 50% longer battery life, and has torque adjustment up to 535 lbs.  The productivity ratio has a 5-1 advantage over manual tools which is a 20% performance improvement over the past model.
Established in 1999, Hayata is a worldwide supplier of stainless steel cable ties, banding, installation tools, and Identification Products (Tags and equipment).  Hayata offers a full line of UL listed, DNV, Lloyds, and ABS approved cable ties; including roller ball, ladder, releasable styles, and banding in both coated and uncoated finishes.  Also available is an array of installation tools, both manual and battery-powered, to assist in the application of all ties and banding.  For more information contact Hayata, Ltd. at 877-785-8437, or visit online at https://hayata.com.