Hayata’s BT12000 QuikTie™ has been recognized by Wire & Cable Technology International as a “Top Product” in their January/February 2010 issue. Published annually, this issue puts a spotlight on products the WCTI staff deems “most relevant” of the past year. Based on the staff’s recommendations, the BT12000 received this honor for its ability to increase productivity during cable tie installation projects.


Dallas, TX – Hayata, LTD. introduces its new cable tie installation tool, the BT12000 QuikTie™. Designed with a lithium-ion battery, the rugged BT12000 delivers longer-lasting power in a lighter, more compact tool. Featuring a 4:1 productivity advantage over standard tools, the BT12000 was built with speed and productivity in mind. Variable torque adjustment provides the BT12000 the necessary tension needed for uniform cable tie installation without the risk of damaging cable jackets. Teaming the BT12000 with Hayata’s roller ball and ladder style cable ties creates a powerfully secure cable restraining and bundling system. Designed to work seamlessly with Hayata ties of all widths, the BT12000 also features a built-in work light and a 30-minute battery recharge time.


Travel 140 km northwest of Dhaharan in Saudi Arabia and you’ll come across Saudi Aramco’s expansive Khursaniyah Oil and Gas Project. Covering 50 sq. km, this 3.6 billion USD production facility is a marvel of modern-day oil & gas technology. Engineers faced many obstacles during the construction of the Khursanivah facility, the most notable being a shortage of materials and equipment. Of particular concern were shipping delays with the critical cable ties that had been specified for the project. Time is money, and as the costly delays added up, it became clear that the current supplier would not be able to deliver. Seeking stainless steel cable ties that met, or exceeded, their current specifications, engineers made a shift to Hayata. With product stock already in the region, Hayata was able to quickly expedite shipments of its 360 degree coated and standard cable ties directly to the gas plant for installation. The combination of speed, availability, and quality made Hayata the logical choice for the Saudi-Aramcos Oil and Gas Project.


In the early morning of August 29th, 2005, hurricane Katrina roared onto the shores of tiny Dauphin Island, Alabama. A Category 3 storm, Katrina unleashed damaging triple digit wind gusts along with an unrelenting tidal surge. While the ferocious winds lashed out, wreaking havoc on Dauphin Island, it was the tidal surge which ultimately proved most devastating. On the western tip of the island, small communities, evacuated long before the storm arrived, vanished – completely washed away by the wall of surging water. Of the handful of structures that survived the storm’s wrath, one happened to be owned by Ed Dowey. Ed, a Division Director with Summit Electric Supply, had reinforced his home during its construction with Hayata’s stainless steel banding. The home’s sturdy joints, wrapped in Hayata’s banding, proved a formidable opponent against Katrina’s fury. Resisting the storm’s devastating one-two punch, Ed’s home stood strong, remaining intact as the wind and water subsided. While many factors played into the success of Ed’s home, he’ll be the first to tell you that Hayata’s stainless steel banding played a significant role in this tale of survival.

In this photograph taken by National Geographic, Ed’s home is centered amongst three others near the bottom of the image.


Dallas, TX. – Hayata, LTD., manufacturers of high-quality, stainless steel cable ties and banding, has expanded service into the Asia-Pacific region with the opening of its new Singapore sales and distribution center. Tom Crouch, founder and President of Hayata, states, “Investing in our sales and distribution infrastructure allows us to better serve our customers on a global scale.”

For increased customer service, Hayata houses its full line of products onsite in Singapore. “Maintaining a full line of inventory in Singapore enables us to expedite orders to our customers in the Asia-Pacific region”, explains Mr. Crouch.


Members of Hayata received a pleasant surprise during OSEA when Patricia L. Herbold, U.S. Ambassador to Singapore, stopped by their booth for a visit. Ambassador Herbold was attending the tradeshow to meet American companies doing business in Singapore’s oil and gas industry. Hayata’s founder and President, Tom Crouch, obliged by providing the ambassador a hands-on demonstration of Hayata’s product line of stainless steel cable ties, banding, and installation tools.

Hayata recently expanded service into the Asia-Pacific region with the opening of its new Singapore sales and distribution center. Mr. Crouch states, “Investing in our sales and distribution infrastructure allows us to better serve our customers on a global scale. ”