Manual Cable Tie Installation Tools


Hayata Hammerhead CT-7 - Easy One-hand Operation

Hayata-Hammerhead-CT-7---Easy-One-hand-OperationThe Hayata Hammerhead CT-7 has a distinctive look, which is highlighted by its flat heavy-duty "hammerhead" nose that can be used to hammer down a cable tie head or tail if required. The CT-7 features a lightweight design that reduces overall installer fatigue, easy loading and unloading, heavy-duty zinc-plated construction for maximum corrosion resistance and easy one-hand operation. The CT-7 can be used with all sizes of our RollerBall Ties including the Double Loop Style as well as the entire range of Stainless Steel Ladder Ties.

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CT-5 - The Highest Quality Preset Tension Fastening Tool

High-quality manual tool with preset tension adjustment control which allows for uniform tension setting and automatic cutting on each bundle. Lightweight which allows one-hand operation and reduces installer fatigue factor. Warranty available  (must register product).

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CT-5 Handout - CLICK HERE.




Manual tool which tensions and cuts steel ties. Offers close cut to the head when removing tail of stainless steel tie.

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Tensioning Hook Tool used with Releasable and Ladder Stainless Steel Ties both Coated and UnCoated. Our most manual manual tool!