SmartTag 1000 2D & Standard Embossed Tags for Low to Medium Volume Tagging Operations

Smarttag Post Pic - Hayata

Dallas, TX – July 11, 2017 – Hayata, Ltd. is now offering the fully portable SmartTag 1000 metal embossing machine. This completely self-contained unit, which can produce up to 105 tags per hour, is a perfect solution for low to medium volume tagging operations. SmartTag 1000 is easy to transport and contains a built-in Linux-based CPU for stand-alone work without a PC.

Designed for component and production line identification, and traceability applications the SmartTag 1000 can output 2D or standard embossed metal tags.  Embossed stainless steel tags can be read long-term no matter how harsh the operating conditions, even if they are accidentally painted. This is why the military uses embossed dog tags.

The SmartTag 1000 is equipped with an automatic feeder that utilizes an interchangeable input hopper containing up to 120 standard tags. It also offers these features:

• Alphanumeric Characters
• 2D barcodes on metal tags – high data volume on limited space.
• Easy to transport
• Ideal for permanent marking of steel and aluminum tags
• Designed to operate in harsh industrial environments
• Spill-proof membrane keyboard
• Built-in Linux-based CPU for stand-alone work without a PC
• User-friendly interface and large high-resolution LCD DISPLAY

SmartTag 2500 is controlled by user-friendly powertag software. This powerful
e-tool will auto-remake rejected plates, allows unlimited template storage, performs 2D barcode data conversion and supports multiple 2D barcode standards.