SmartTag 500 - Cost Effective Outputting of Easy Entry Metal Tags

Smarttag Post Pic - Hayata

Dallas, TX – November 12, 2017 The Hayata SmartTag 500 does one thing, but it does it extremely well. If your tagging operation is looking for a low-cost way to output a lot of Easy Entry metal tags, this is the machine for you. It works equally well in a centralized, office-based operation or on a job site and can output up to 300 tags per hour.

SmartTag 500 embosses characters on two sizes of Easy Entry tags, which helps you keep your tag inventory costs low. The embossing provides maximum visibility in applications where tags are exposed to harsh environments and, for worker safety, needs to be permanently legible.

This portable, compact unit is equipped with an easy to load Input Hopper which holds up to 200 tags and is bundled with easy-to-use Windows-based powertag software.