Stainless Steel Cable Markers - Cross Reference Table

Below are cross reference tables to match our equivalent products with Panduit and Band-It products.

ID Markers

ID-A N/A AE0109
ID-B N/A AE0119
ID-C N/A AE0129
ID-D N/A AE0139
ID-E N/A AE0149
ID-F N/A AE0159
ID-G N/A AE0169
ID-H N/A AE0179
ID-I N/A AE0189
ID-J N/A AE0199
ID-K N/A AE0209
ID-L N/A AE0219
ID-M N/A AE0229
ID-N N/A AE0239
ID-O N/A AE0249
ID-P N/A AE0259
ID-Q N/A AE0269
ID-R N/A AE0279
ID-S N/A AE0289
ID-T N/A AE0299
ID-U N/A AE0309
ID-V N/A AE0319
ID-W N/A AE0229
ID-X N/A AE0329
ID-Y N/A AE0339
ID-Z N/A AE0349
ID-1 N/A AE0189
ID-2 N/A AE0379
ID-3 N/A AE0389
ID-4 N/A AE0399
ID-5 N/A AE0409
ID-6 N/A AE0419
ID-7 N/A AE0219
ID-8 N/A AE0429
ID-9 N/A AE0419
ID-0 N/A AE0249
ID– N/A AE0359
ID-Blank N/A AE0369
ID-+ N/A AE0469
ID-~ N/A AE0489
ID-/ N/A AE0499
MB-1 N/A AE0609