Stainless Steel Chemical Resistance Chart P-Z

Stainless Steel Chemical Resistance Chart

Chemicals P-Z

A = Excellent.

B = Good. Minor Effect, slight corrosion or discoloration.

C = Fair. Moderate Effect, not recommended for continuous use. Softening, loss of strength, swelling, may occur.

D = Severe Effect, not recommended for ANY use.

N/A = Information Not Available.

Temperature Conversion

°F = (1.8 x °C) + 32

°C = (°F – 32) x 0.555

  Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 316
Chemical Compatibility Compatibility
Palmitic Acid B-Good A-Excellent
Paraffin A-Excellent A-Excellent
Pentane C-Fair C-Fair
Perchloric Acid C-Fair C-Fair
Perchloroethylene B-Good A-Excellent
Petrolatum A-Excellent A-Excellent
Petroleum A-Excellent A-Excellent
Phenol (10%) B-Good B-Good
Phenol (Carbolic Acid) B-Good B-Good
Phosphoric Acid (>40%) D-Severe Effect D-Severe Effect
Phosphoric Acid (crude) D-Severe Effect B-Good
Phosphoric Acid (molten) N/A C-Fair
Phosphoric Acid (<40%) D-Severe Effect C-Fair
Phosphoric Acid Anhydride N/A N/A
Phosphorus A-Excellent A-Excellent
Phosphorus Trichloride A-Excellent A-Excellent
Photographic Developer A-Excellent A-Excellent
Photographic Solutions D-Severe Effect N/A
Phthalic Acid B-Good A-Excellent
Phthalic Anhydride A-Excellent A-Excellent
Picric Acid B-Good B-Good
Potash (Potassium Carbonate) B-Good B-Good
Potassium Bicarbonate B-Good B-Good
Potassium Bromide B-Good B-Good
Potassium Chlorate B-Good B-Good
Potassium Chloride B-Good A-Excellent
Potassium Chromate B-Good B-Good
Potassium Cyanide Solutions B-Good B-Good
Potassium Dichromate B-Good B-Good
Potassium Ferricyanide B-Good B-Good
Potassium Ferrocyanide B-Good B-Good
Potassium Hydroxide (Caustic Potash) B-Good A-Excellent
Potassium Hypochlorite C-Fair B-Good
Potassium Iodide A-Excellent A-Excellent
Potassium Nitrate B-Good B-Good
Potassium Oxalate B-Good B-Good
Potassium Permanganate B-Good B-Good
Potassium Sulfate B-Good A-Excellent
Potassium Sulfide B-Good B-Good
Propane (liquefied) A-Excellent A-Excellent
Propylene B-Good A-Excellent
Propylene Glycol B-Good B-Good
Pyridine A-Excellent A-Excellent
Pyrogallic Acid B-Good B-Good
Resorcinal N/A N/A
Rosins A-Excellent A-Excellent
Rum A-Excellent A-Excellent
Rust Inhibitors A-Excellent A-Excellent
Salad Dressings A-Excellent A-Excellent
Salicylic Acid B-Good B-Good
Salt Brine (NaCl saturated) B-Good A-Excellent
Sea Water C-Fair C-Fair
Shellac (Bleached) A-Excellent A-Excellent
Shellac (Orange) A-Excellent A-Excellent
Silicone A-Excellent A-Excellent
Silver Bromide D-Severe Effect D-Severe Effect
Silver Nitrate B-Good B-Good
Soap Solutions A-Excellent A-Excellent
Soda Ash (see Sodium Carbonate) A-Excellent A-Excellent
Sodium Acetate B-Good B-Good
Sodium Aluminate A-Excellent A-Excellent
Sodium Benzoate N/A N/A
Sodium Bicarbonate A-Excellent A-Excellent
Sodium Bisulfate D-Severe Effect C-Fair
Sodium Bisulfite B-Good B-Good
Sodium Borate (Borax) B-Good B-Good
Sodium Bromide C-Fair C-Fair
Sodium Carbonate A-Excellent A-Excellent
Sodium Chlorate A-Excellent B-Good
Sodium Chloride B-Good B-Good
Sodium Chromate B-Good B-Good
Sodium Cyanide A-Excellent B-Good
Sodium Ferrocyanide B-Good B-Good
Sodium Fluoride D-Severe Effect D-Severe Effect
Sodium Hydrosulfite N/A N/A
Sodium Hydroxide (20%) B-Good B-Good
Sodium Hydroxide (50%) B-Good B-Good
Sodium Hydroxide (80%) C-Fair B-Good
Sodium Hypochlorite (<20%) C-Fair C-Fair
Sodium Hypochlorite (100%) D-Severe Effect D-Severe Effect
Sodium Hyposulfate A-Excellent A-Excellent
Sodium Metaphosphate A-Excellent A-Excellent
Sodium Metasilicate A-Excellent A-Excellent
Sodium Nitrate B-Good B-Good
Sodium Perborate B-Good B-Good
Sodium Peroxide A-Excellent A-Excellent
Sodium Polyphosphate B-Good B-Good
Sodium Silicate A-Excellent B-Good
Sodium Sulfate B-Good B-Good
Sodium Sulfide B-Good D-Severe Effect
Sodium Sulfite B-Good A-Excellent
Sodium Tetraborate A-Excellent A-Excellent
Sodium Thiosulfate (hypo) A-Excellent B-Good
Sorghum A-Excellent A-Excellent
Soy Sauce A-Excellent A-Excellent
Stannic Chloride D-Severe Effect D-Severe Effect
Stannic Fluoborate N/A A-Excellent
Stannous Chloride C-Fair A-Excellent
Starch A-Excellent A-Excellent
Stearic Acid B-Good A-Excellent
Stoddard Solvent A-Excellent A-Excellent
Styrene A-Excellent A-Excellent
Sugar (Liquids) A-Excellent A-Excellent
Sulfate (Liquors) B-Good B-Good
Sulfur Chloride D-Severe Effect D-Severe Effect
Sulfur Dioxide D-Severe Effect A-Excellent
Sulfur Dioxide (dry) D-Severe Effect A-Excellent
Sulfur Hexafluoride N/A N/A
Sulfur Trioxide A-Excellent C-Fair
Sulfur Trioxide (dry) D-Severe Effect A-Excellent
Sulfuric Acid (<10%) D-Severe Effect B-Good
Sulfuric Acid (10-75%) D-Severe Effect D-Severe Effect
Sulfuric Acid (75-100%) C-Fair D-Severe Effect
Sulfuric Acid (cold concentrated) C-Fair B-Good
Sulfuric Acid (hot concentrated) D-Severe Effect C-Fair
Sulfurous Acid B-Good B-Good
Sulfuryl Chloride N/A N/A
Tallow A-Excellent A-Excellent
Tannic Acid B-Good A-Excellent
Tanning Liquors A-Excellent A-Excellent
Tartaric Acid C-Fair C-Fair
Tetrachloroethane B-Good A-Excellent
Tetrachloroethylene N/A A-Excellent
Tetrahydrofuran A-Excellent A-Excellent
Tin Salts N/A D-Severe Effect
Toluene (Toluol) A-Excellent A-Excellent
Tomato Juice A-Excellent A-Excellent
Trichloroacetic Acid D-Severe Effect C-Fair
Trichloroethane B-Good B-Good
Trichloroethylene B-Good B-Good
Trichloropropane A-Excellent A-Excellent
Tricresylphosphate B-Good B-Good
Triethylamine A-Excellent A-Excellent
Trisodium Phosphate B-Good B-Good
Turpentine A-Excellent A-Excellent
Urea B-Good B-Good
Uric Acid B-Good B-Good
Urine A-Excellent A-Excellent
Varnish A-Excellent A-Excellent
Vegetable Juice A-Excellent A-Excellent
Vinegar A-Excellent A-Excellent
Vinyl Acetate B-Good B-Good
Vinyl Chloride B-Good A-Excellent
Water, Acid, Mine B-Good B-Good
Water, Deionized A-Excellent A-Excellent
Water, Distilled A-Excellent A-Excellent
Water, Fresh A-Excellent A-Excellent
Water, Salt B-Good B-Good
Weed Killers A-Excellent A-Excellent
Whey A-Excellent A-Excellent
Whiskey & Wines A-Excellent A-Excellent
White Liquor (Pulp Mill) A-Excellent A-Excellent
White Water (Paper Mill) A-Excellent A-Excellent
Xylene B-Good B-Good
Zinc Chloride B-Good B-Good
Zinc Hydrosulfite A-Excellent A-Excellent
Zinc Sulfate B-Good A-Excellent
The information in this chart has been supplied to Hayata by other reputable sources and is to be used ONLY as a guide in selecting equipment for appropriate chemical compatibility. Before permanent installation, test the equipment with the chemicals and under the specific conditions of your application.
Ratings of chemical behavior listed in this chart apply at a 48-hr exposure period.
Hayata has no knowledge of possible effects beyond this period. Hayata does not warrant (neither express nor implied) that the information in this chart is accurate or complete or that any material is suitable for any purpose.
Variations in chemical behavior during handling due to factors such as temperature, pressure, and concentrations can cause equipment to fail, even though it passed an initial test.
Serious Injury May Result
Use suitable guards and/or personal protections when handling chemicals.