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Stainless Steel Zig Zag Cable Ties

Hayata's stainless steel zig zag cable ties are designed to maintaining tension on hard, smooth surfaces.


Hayata’s Zig Zag stainless steel cable ties are designed to maintain tension on hard surfaces such as a pipe or steel pole. All Zig Zag ties are 316 grade stainless steel for excellent resistance to temperature extremes, corrosion, weather, chemicals, salt sprays and UV radiation.

• Available in 150 Lb & 300 Lb tensile strenth
• 316 Stainless Steel
• Resistance to chemicals and salt sprays
• Non-toxic, halogen-free

Hayata Installation Tools:
– Manual: CT-3, CT-5, CT-7 (Hammerhead)
– Battery-Powered: BT9000, BT14000
Applications: Where tension on solid object must be maintained – Pipes, Poles, etc.
Approvals: ABS Type Approval

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