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Uncoated Stainless Steel Banding

SUPER Uncoated Banding
TOUGH Uncoated Banding
GIANT Uncoated Banding
LITE Uncoated Banding
Galvanized Uncoated Banding
Galvanized Uncoated Banding – Custom Lengths
MONEL® & Inconel® Banding
Insulation Uncoated Banding
Buckles & Wing Seals

Coated Stainless Steel Banding

Cable Marking Coated Bands
SUPER Coated Banding
Insulated Coated Banding
SUPER Coated Banding – Custom Lengths
SUPER Coated COLORED Banding – Custom Lengths
Galvanized Coated Banding
All Purpose Banding
Fix Band Coated Banding
Buckles & Wing Seals

Banding Installation Tools

Battery Powered

Banding Kits & Accessories

Coated Banding Kit
Plastic Tote Carrying Case
Anti-Vibration / Insulation Sleeve

Hayata stainless steel banding can be used in virtually all indoor, outdoor and underground (including direct burial) applications. This high strength banding is non-flammable and comes with rounded edges to provide definitive support for network cables. Available in 316, 300 and 201 stainless steel to match your application environment. Hayata stainless steel banding is THE STRONGEST AROUND!

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