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Embossed tags are the best choice for easy, long-term identification.

Embossed stainless steel tags can be read long-term no matter how harsh the operating conditions.This is why the military uses embossed dog tags.

Features & Benefits of Embossed Tags

  • Stamped or engraved tag character channels can get filled in with dirt and grime and are difficult to clean out.
  • Silk screened tags are easily scratched, painted and eventually fade.
  • If stamped, engraved or silk-screened tags are painted by careless workers, they become illegible. Embossed tags that are painted are still legible.

Ideal Applications for Embossed Tags

  • Cable/hose tags
  • Tags for galvanized or heat-treated processes
  • Inventory/asset control & tracking tags for harsh environments
  • Serial number tags
  • Military ID tags
  • Work-in-progress & VIN plates
  • Automotive body & VIN plates