hayata embossing tagging machine smarttag 4500 - Hayata

Hayata embossing machines are designed to output a variety of tag sizes and materials. These rugged units can emboss alphanumeric characters and 2D data barcode tags. Now 10% faster than previous models, the Wi-Fi-enabled SmartTag 4500 features a touchscreen interface and new management features. It’s ideal for medium- to high-volume tagging operations.

Features of Our Embossing Machines

  • Wi-Fi-enabled
  • Two model options to match your operation’s outputting requirements
  • Can output standard alphanumeric characters and 2D data barcodes
  • Password-protected for higher data security
  • Remote access & management
  • USB & Ethernet ports
  • 250-tag capacity auto-load and unload – optional FIFO technology or side eject
  • Large selection of fonts
  • Built-in touch-screen for easy user interface
  • Easy-to-use software

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