buckles and wing seals - Hayata

Buckles and wing seals are two types of accessories that are commonly used with banding products such as stainless steel bands or cable ties to secure and fasten items together.

A buckle is a metal or plastic device that is used to secure the end of a band or strap in place. Buckles typically consist of a rectangular or oval-shaped frame with a prong or bar on one end, which is inserted through a hole in the opposite end of the band or strap to lock it in place. Buckles are often used in applications where the band or strap needs to be adjustable, such as securing cargo or holding items in place.

A wing seal, also known as a “clip,” is a metal accessory that is used to secure the end of a band or strap in place without the need for additional tools or equipment. Wing seals typically consist of a thin strip of metal with two “wings” that fold over the band or strap to hold it in place. Wing seals are often used in high-tension applications, such as securing heavy loads or reinforcing structures.

Both buckles and wing seals can be used with a variety of banding products, including stainless steel bands and cable ties, and are available in a range of sizes and materials to suit different applications.

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