Hayata Stainless Steel Banding Kits & Accessories

Hayata’s Banding Kits and accessories are specially designed for convenience in special environments or applications.


Coated Banding Kit

Coated Banding Kit - Hayata

The Hayata Coated Banding Kit comes with five rolls of either 1/2” or 5/8” banding, five boxes of matching buckles, an RT400 Banding Tool and Tool Box.


Marine Kit-4:
1/2″ Coated Banding Kit includes: CB3164 x 5 Rolls, CBWS3164 x 5 Boxes, RT-400 x 1 Tool, Hayata Tool Box

Marine Kit-5:
5/8” Coated Banding Kit includes: CB3165 x 5 Rolls, CBWS3165 x 5 Boxes, RT-400 x 1 Tool, Hayata Tool Box


Banding Tote Plastic Carrying Case

Banding Tote Plastic Carrying Case - Hayata
316 SS

Note: To add Totes to your banding add a suffix of “T“ to the banding part #. Use above part # to order individually without banding included.


  Steel Width Weight w/o Banding  
Part No. In mm Lbs Kgs Color
YTOTE 1/2″ 12.7 0.29 0.132 Yellow
GTOTE 5/8″ 15.88 0.29 0.132 Gray
BTOTE 3/4″ 19 0.29 0.132 Blue


Hayata Anti-Vibration / Insulation Sleeve

Hayata Anti Vibration Insulation Sleeve - Hayata
100 FT
Hayata Anti-Vibration / Insulation Sleeve can be used with Hayata Stainless Steel Ties and custom length banding on applications requiring insulation: 

  • Anti-vibration
  • Improves gripping
  • Separation of dissimilar metals
  • Added bundle protection

Can be used indoors or outdoors (excellent ultraviolet resistance, good resistance to petroleum, and many chemicals). Provides full separation between the ties and the material to which you are fastening.

LDPE MATERIAL: Food contact acceptable, impact and stress crack-resistant for industrial applications

TPE MATERIAL: Low smoke, flame retardant, halogen-free, good UV and chemical protection.

LDPE Material Thickness For Steel Band Widths
Part No. In mm In mm
LDPE-1 0.05 1.2 3/16, 1/4, 5/16 4.76 thru 7.9
LDPE-2 0.05 1.2 3/8 thru 1/2 9.5 thru 12.7
TPE Material Thickness For Steel Band Widths
Part No. In mm In mm
TPE-4 0.09 2.2 1/2 thru 3/4 12.7 thru 19.05
TPE-5 0.07 2.0 5/8 thru 3/4 15.8 thru 20

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Hayata’s banding kits & accessories are known around the world as a must-have on naval vessels and other ships at sea. To learn about another famous Kit, click here.