Hayata Offers BTX7000 Battery Powered Banding Installation Tool to Marketplace

Btx - Hayata

Dallas, TX – April 30, 2016 – Hayata, Ltd., manufacturer of high quality stainless steel cable ties and banding, has begun selling a new Battery Operated Installation Tool The BTX7000.   The BTX7000 automatically tightens stainless steel banding to the correct tension with the pull of a trigger allowing for uniform tension across the application when bundling products such as cable and wire. 

The BTX7000 is a reliable and cost-effective alternative to using manual tools. The BTX7000 is equipped with a cutter, two speed settings, and variable torque adjustment. Designed to meet most requirements for installation of stainless steel banding, the BTX7000 has been proven useful in speeding up installation, improving tension accuracy, and eliminating carpel tunnel problems associated with manual tools.  The new design is 26% lighter in weight, has a 50% longer battery life, and has torque adjustment up to 535 lbs.  The productivity ratio has a 5-1 advantage over manual tools which is a 20% performance improvement over the past model.
Established in 1999, Hayata is a worldwide supplier of stainless steel cable ties, banding, installation tools, and Identification Products (Tags and equipment).  Hayata offers a full line of UL listed, DNV, Lloyds, and ABS approved cable ties; including roller ball, ladder, releasable styles, and banding in both coated and uncoated finishes.  Also available is an array of installation tools, both manual and battery-powered, to assist in the application of all ties and banding.  For more information contact Hayata, Ltd. at 877-785-8437, or visit online at https://hayata.com.