Hayata Introduces 24-Hr. Outputting Service: Embossed Stainless Steel Barcoded Marker Tags

Essb - Hayata

Dallas, TX – Hayata Ltd, an industry leader in embossed stainless steel tags, has announced a new outputting service that produces and ships embossed barcoded metal tags within 24 hours of order placement.

Until now, embossed metal tags were limited to alpha/numeric characters which required workers to grasp and read for information – often with great difficulty depending on field conditions. With Hayata’s embossed barcoded tags, workers can use a simple hand-held scanner to read a barcoded tag and get clear, instant information on that item.

Hayata offers an exclusive 24-Hour barcode service where customers email their tag data and Hayata outputs and ships the order within 24 hours on regular business days. This service is also available for standard embossed tags, which allows customers to avoid the tedious process of manually outputting tags, maintaining embossing equipment and keeping an inventory of tags.

For facilities with marker plans for power cables, pipes, valves and other industrial applications requiring long-term marking, the barcoded tags provide a safer longer-term solution.

According to Hayata President Tom Crouch, the embossed barcoded tags offer several significant advantages. “Barcodes can contain more information than standard alpha/numeric tags, so inspectors or repair crews can get more details off the tagged items.” He adds, “Embossed stainless steel tags can be read long-term no matter how harsh the operating conditions. Even if the tag is accidently covered with 2 or 3 coats of paint, the barcodes can still be read by the scanner.”

For more information, contact Hayata at (Toll-Free) 877-785-8437 or [email protected]