Engineers Avoid Delays With Shift To Hayata

Gasplant - Hayata

Travel 140 km northwest of Dhaharan in Saudi Arabia and you’ll come across Saudi Aramco’s expansive Khursaniyah Oil and Gas Project. Covering 50 sq. km, this 3.6 billion USD production facility is a marvel of modern-day oil & gas technology. Engineers faced many obstacles during the construction of the Khursanivah facility, the most notable being a shortage of materials and equipment. Of particular concern were shipping delays with the critical cable ties that had been specified for the project. Time is money, and as the costly delays added up, it became clear that the current supplier would not be able to deliver. Seeking stainless steel cable ties that met, or exceeded, their current specifications, engineers made a shift to Hayata. With product stock already in the region, Hayata was able to quickly expedite shipments of its 360 degree coated and standard cable ties directly to the gas plant for installation. The combination of speed, availability, and quality made Hayata the logical choice for the Saudi-Aramcos Oil and Gas Project.