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Stainless Steel Tooth Nylon Cable Ties

Hayata manufactures and stocks high tensile strength metal-lock nylon ties featuring a robust 316 stainless steel tooth.

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Smooth Head Design
• Rounded edges for easy handling
• Low-threading force required
• Faster installation and lower hand fatigue

Curved Tie Tip
• For faster threading
• Easy to pick up

High Tensile Strength
• Exceeds industry standards
• Available from 18 lbs. up to 120 lbs.

Sure-Grip Strap Body
• Ribbed and raised for sure grip
• Designed to eliminate movement

• Smooth rounded-style head
• 316 Stainless Steel locking tooth provides infinite adjustability through its entire bundle range
• Low thread force reduces installer fatigue
• High tensile strength exceeds industry standards
• Wide variety of sizes including 18 lbs. to 120 lbs. in Natural, UV Black and other colors to meet your bundling needs
• Available in lengths from 4″ (100mm) – 27.5″ (700mm)

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