Metal Tag Embossing Machines

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Hayata is the Strongest Around in Automated Embossing Tag Machines

Hayata offers three automated tag machines to match your operation’s output requirements.

SmartTag 4500 (NEW)
For medium- to high-volume tagging operations – outputs up to 450 tags per hour. Wi-Fi-enabled.
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SmartTag 2500
The SmartTag 2500 is being replaced by the faster and more feature-rich SmartTag 4500.
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SmartTag 1000
For low to medium volume tagging operations – outputs up to 105 tags per hour.
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SmartTag 500
For tagging operations that only use Easy Entry tags. Outputs up to 300 tags per hour.
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Manual Embossing Machine
The MobileTag 600 is for low to medium volume manual tagging operations.
This unit is lightweight and compact for easy transport.
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Why embossed tags?

  • Embossed stainless steel tags can be read long-term no matter how harsh the operating conditions. This is why the military uses embossed dog tags. Embossed tags that are painted over are still legible.
  • Stamped tag character channels will get filled in with dirt and grime making them difficult to read.
  • Silk-screened tags are easily scratched, painted over and eventually fade.
  • If stamped or silk-screened tags are painted by careless workers, they become illegible.
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24 Hour Embossing Service
Need a lot of tags in a hurry? Send Us Your Spreadsheet. We’ll have your embossed tags produced and on the way within 24 hours.
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Embossed Tags are ideal for applications like these:

  • Cable/hose tags
  • Valve identification
  • Tags for galvanized or heat-treated processes
  • Inventory/asset control & tracking tags for harsh environments
  • Serial number tags
  • Military ID tags
  • Work-in-progress & VIN plates
  • Automotive body & VIN plates