MobileTag 600 Manual Metal Embossing Machine

MobileTag 600
Manual Embossing Machine

The Hayata MobileTag 600™ metal embosser is ideal for low-to-medium volume tagging.
Lightweight (33 lbs.) and compact for easy transport, this simple-to-use embossing unit
offers three different font sizes.

What makes MobileTag 600 the BEST?

When you pull the trigger to advance to the next character, MobileTag 600 keeps that character in a straight line and an equal distance between previous characters. Even though you manually pull the lever, it automatically advances the tag to the next character. No more uneven, up-and-down tag characters!

• Cable/hose tags
• Inventory/asset control & tracking tags for harsh environments
• Serial number tags
• Military ID tags

• Shipyards
• Military
• Steel plants
• Manufacturers
• Event Planners

CLICK HERE to download the Mobile 600 handout.

CLICK HERE to download Hayata's Tagging Operation Catalog.